"Eternity" - the latest album
After waiting for so long, their new album is finally here. Most of the songs in this album are real nice. Highly recommend to all fans. Personal favorite: "Shadow Side of Me", "Look Around", "Family Tree"....
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 December 2008 )
Welcome to MLTR.COM
Thanks for visiting Simon's "Michael Learns To Rock" Website. I'm Simon, another crazy fans of the danish band MLTR. This is not the official website of MLTR, but you can find some basic information of the group in this site. Hope you enjoy your visit and please come back often!
Who is Michael?
Why does he learn to rock?? Hey..... how would I know because no one know!!! I think even the four members of MLTR can't answer this question. But, what I can tell you is "MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK" is the name of a band in Denmark. MLTR has four members but none of them call Michael.
The song you like most in "Eternity" :
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